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August, 3rd
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— Anonymous: Yes its cute I think its represent harry cupcake self

Best. Opinion. I’ve. Ever. Read. In. My. Entire. Life.

it’s regards my new layout btw

ihavestylez: Hey love, if you only had 1 opportunity to meet harry, what would you say to be memorable


"I spent my days dreaming about you, because in the face of a world where people hate by hobby, I’d like to escape to an imaginary world filled with kindness and love… filled with you"


i do have the best imaginary pick up lines tho

annamuffin25: I love how loving and understanding your followers are! It's a great community to be apart of 😊 girl take your time! You and your work is amazing it doesn't matter that it takes a bit long to post your great work cause you have writers block! Take your time love 😊

I know, right? I couldn’t have asked for better followers, really. I owe them so much and I love them endlessly. And thank you!! You’re amazing! x

kat-a-rin-a: what did paige say on twitter about harry? I mean yes he should have fun he is young but i wouldn't get so upset if it wasn't like she is using him it's so annoying like harry styles will make you well known but if I ever got the chance I would ignore the fame and focus on him because anyone that is with him should know how lucky they are. actually annoying that is with any of the members of one direction should know they are lucky but treat them like normal people. ilysm ur imagines are my life

God, exactly!! You said it all babe, you said it all! x

onedirecton-imagines: Hi! I'm a new imagine account and your account really inspired me to make mine! I just wondered if you could follow me and tell your followers about my account? If it's not too much trouble to ask? Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE your imagines by the way! xx

Well, absolutely! I’m always up for supporting new imagines blogs!

Check this cutie’s blog out, guys!! x

jasmuen: I just saw you're back and I am so so happy about it!! Welcome back love :) But take it slow, not that you kill your brain again! :)

Thank you!! And yes, I will take it slow. You’re so sweet, thanks again, love! x

— Anonymous: Oh my goodness how dare you do anything else except write for us all day everyday! I can't even believe you, you're being so selfish. Lol yeah right you're rad girlfriend take all the time you need! Love ya babe

You made me smile hahahaha. Thank you, sweetheart. <3

saroo-hawks: I just want to let you know, and I know it is only my opinion, but take your time with writing again! Writer's block happens to the best of us, and you will get out of it! I know you will! Your imagines are lovely, but don't feel down because you haven't written one. We'll be here when you write more! :)

You’re right. It still sucks badly tho. It’s frustrating, but yeah, you’re totally right. Thank you love, I mean it. x

— Anonymous: Sweetie, it's totally okay! You take all the time you need. We understand that you can't always think if things and that's fine. Because we know once you do, it will be amazing! Love you!

I seriously do not deserve all of you. Seriously. It’s unbelievable how much I love all of you. Thank you, love, really, thank you. <3 x

ronnie-rebel: don't be sorry. everyone needs a break and seriously you souldn't start stressing yourself with this stuff. people can calm the F down, you don't owe people anything and I'm pretty sure that the ones who understand that will stick around :) our tumblrs are a place for us to escape someone, so if you're feeling pushed then what's the point ?? do what you feel is right ! (I know I sound all motherly and I'm probs younger than you, but hey.. here for support haha) :) xx

You’re right. Completely right. I wouldn’t want anyone else as a follower/reader other than all of you. Thank you. So so so much.