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Do you think any of us fans have a chance with Harry, honestly? — Anonymous

Honestly, I think you have to be a certain kind of fan to have a chance with any celebrity, even Harry. I think anything is possible, but you can’t treat them like they’re all the goods in the world and start freaking out, you know? You have to be able to give them something real, so treat them as real normal people. Specially Harry, because I do think he needs someone that clears his head from all the fame issues. x

Would you ever meet anyone you have talked to on tumblr?! Much love :* — Anonymous

I definitely would. <3 x

Why do you think Kendall and Harry broke up? — Anonymous

Mm… I don’t know. I think Kendall is gorgeous but Harry is looking for someone who we can rely on in all the aspects of his life. I don’t think Kendall can be that. x

Do you think that Harry got a little crush on lou ? since lou and tom "broke up" or are they just really REALLY good friends ? xx — Anonymous

I do think they are long term close great friends, actually. Lou has been there for the boys for so long, so I don’t think that would happen, but I could be wrong. x

this question might be weird, but honestly, why do you think harry and taylor broke up? i would like to know your opinion, ily btw — Anonymous

I do honestly think they are huge opposites. Even though there are cases when opposites attract, they’re not always meant to be. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I don’t see them ever being on the same page just because their personalities are so different. x

Hiii. Just wanted to tell you that I looove love love your blog and I'm so glad you're back. Your imagines are amazing and I am in love with them! Ily 💕 — dirtbaghs

Aww, baby! Thank you! x

New Imaginary Harry Schedule!

Heeeello there lovers of the boy that wears fedoras all the time!

As promised, I’m posting the new schedule of the blog, since I’m coming back and all.

But first, I’d really like thank all of you who send me the most loving messages of support and made me feel so loved that it helped me get better way faster. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you for being a major part of Imaginary Harry. This blog wouldn’t be anywhere without the most amazing followers.

So, back to the schedule! This is how it’s going down:

  • Royal Fanfic: every Thursday and Sunday at 5:00 PM (US East Time)
  • Song Fics: every Friday, 5:00 PM (US East Time)
  • Imagines: Everyday.

As I’ve been taking it slow lately, the other remaining projects such as the RBRS and the One Shots will be posted in random days as I have time to do it. It’s a temporary measure and I’ll let you guys know when I change it.

I hope I can make you guys smile again by coming back.

I love all of you!!

Lots of kisses, love & harry shirtless pictures! <3

I love your fucking (sorry) blog! You're amazing — inspiring-me

Hahahaha noo, you are! Thanks doll! xx

If memory serves correctly, I think Harry was seen recently around London with Lou and Tom. Harry of course was pushing lux in a pram. I don't know if lou and tom have broken up, but I doubt if harry had any romantic feelings he wouldn't continue to spend time with the pair together. — Anonymous

My thoughts exactly! Thanks for the info, love!! x

Wat happen to lou n tom ?? — sorryurbasic

I’ve been told that they broke up but remain friends for the sake of little Lux. x

How many followers does this account have? — Anonymous

12 and a half. Wait… Does my mom count? Then 13 and a half.