Q: Why are you so perf 😩😩😍😘♥️ -suckszayn

Why are yooou? <3

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Q: Royal was terrific! I simply loved it! Girl, you are goooooooooood. Great. Fabulous. The last part? Per-fect! He didn't kiss her on the lips. Instead he kisses her forehead and her cheek! I think Royal stands out from all the fanfictions ever done. -who-is-loving-you

Come here you!! Thank you, babe. You made me so happy with these words, you have no idea!

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Q: Reading Royals literally makes my heart melt. I'm loving the story and cannot wait for tomorrow's chapter! You're a brilliant writer! :) -oh1dimagines

You’re just lovely, sweetie. Thank you so much! I’d be nowhere without you all <3

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Q: Loved the chapter! Can't wait for more -Anonymous

Tomorrow there’s moooore. ;)

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Q: JESUS, ROYAL IS AMAZING!!! Sorry, I'm freaking out because it's SO AWESOME, can't wait for the next chapter! Much love from Brazil xx -Anonymous

Aw yeah! So good that you liked it sweetie. I’m really glad! <33

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Royal :: Chapter 2




“Smile for the cameras!” Janet said, just as Patrick and I made our way to the Oscar’s red carpet. I walked in first and the flashes followed me furiously. Patrick came along, standing by my side, holding my waist and looking down at me while I looked to the cameras.

“You look amazing, Aimée” He said, kissing the side of my head. I smiled.

“You don’t look bad yourself, Patty” We both laughed and I took a moment to admire how amazing he looked in a suit like that.

“I could get used to this,” Patrick said, looking to the cameras too. I kept looking up at him. 

“I’m sure you can,” I smiled and we both posed, together.

He held my hand tighter, our fingers intertwined, as he figured out how nervous I was when we entered the huge theater. I looked around, feeling overwhelmed by everything.

“Aimée… You’ve been here before. This is not your first nomination” He chuckled at my reaction. I softly punched him.

“Yeah. Last time I was here I was 9 years old and I barely remember anything,” I explained, giving him a dirty look but then laughing with him about it.

“I’ll still love you if you don’t win, okay?” Patrick joked and I smiled.

“That’s very thoughtful of you” I kissed him sweetly. “Promise?”

“Promise” He kissed my forehead. “I will always love you”

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Q: How did you come up with the name "AImée"? Its a pretty name -Anonymous

Aw, thanks! Well, it was hard to pick her name. When I was thinking about it, I knew it had to be french (her father is french) and with a good meaning to it. 

Then I came up with Aimée, which means love in french. And all Harry is looking for is love, right? ta-daaa xx

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Q: If I could put a million likes in your imagines, I would 😍 -wash-my-pain-away

If I could give you a million hugs I would too! Thanks cutie <3

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