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— Anonymous: I am seriously doing a happy dance because of Chapter 13. YEEEEESSSSS. I LOVE IT I LOVE HARRY I LOVE EVERYTHING.

Yaaaay! Happy dance! Can I join?? *doing it anyways* <3


thank you. love you. soooo much. <3 

Royal :: Chapter 13



April 5th

He was frowning. His green eyes focused on the journal on the breakfast table. He was tapping the pencil on the paper. His hair was pushed back into a tiny half ponytail. His white t-shirt was a little wrinkled, but the sleeves were pulled up over to his shoulders.

I was right there in front of him, resting my head on my hand, taking in the whole of the man of my life.

“You know you should eat, right?” He said, still focusing on the journal.

I smiled tenderly. “I’m not hungry,” I stated. “You know you should eat too, right?” I teased.

He smirked at himself. “I am.” He grabbed a toast and bit it once. “See?” He told me with his mouth full, but still reading something in his journal.

“Will you tell me what are you doing already?” I sighed to myself, feeling a bit annoyed that he is so secretive about that thing.

“Absolutely not.” He said, but I could see a little smile on his face.

“Fine. I’ll go with you.” I finally said it and he immediately looked at me, shocked.

“You’re not serious. Are you?” He told me with a frown and I had to chuckle.

“I think I am, yes.” I shrugged and took a sip of my orange juice. “Patrick and I are done. It’ll soon be out in the media… Why not?”

“It’s 20 days from now, Aimée.” Harry was dead serious now and I was trying really hard not to laugh.

‘I know that, Harold.” I smiled. “So what? People will know about us eventually, right? And I always wanted to see how it’s like to be on a worldwide tour…”

He looked at me for a second. Then smiled the biggest smile I’ve seen on his face.

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heythereharold: I have a countdown to the next time you post royal and I'm not even ashamed


i’m probably overly excited about it.

omg-fashionx: You will always be my favorite blog in the entire world xxx

I’m so honored, baby. I am! Thank you!! x

— Anonymous: Imagine you meet Harry one day and he says,"Are you the Lanna that writes that amazing imaginaryharry blog?" :D ... Just a little imagine for our awesome swoon maker! xx


Now I know how you guys feel… Oh my.

I love you for it by the way. *virtual squeeze*

Who wants Royal?

annamuffin25: YOUR BACK!!!!! Welcome back love!! Oh how I've missed you and your amazing talent 😊

I AM! And thank you very much! I’ve missed you guys deeply, that’s obvious. Thank you for everything. <33 .x

quattrogiornichetiamo: I don't think you realize how much I love you and your blog. You're always so sweet, and every night (it's almost 1 am here :( ) I read this blog, your imagines and Royal (I think I've read every chapter at least four times) and that's absolutely the best goodnight ever!!

I just would like to go ahead and say: I love you.
Truly, I really do. It might seem irrational or unrealistic, but it’s me being honest right here. You support not only this account and the projects within it, but also my dream to become a writer one day. It’s because of asks like these that my dream is alive and the reason why I really believe in myself. How could I not, after all? After every loving ask I receive from you?
I’d be a fool, for sure.

I wish I could say thank you enough, sweetheart. I wish I could literally hug you right now. Feel hugged and appreciated, really, because that’s the reality. I love you for doing everything you do for me and for the account and it hasn’t passed by me unnoticed. <3 

— Anonymous: Omg I really don't know anymore is Harry single or not? Ps your imagines are perfect xxx

aaaaaand thanks!! x

xgratifying: Hi there, I'd just like to say that I write imagines about the boys so if your followers would like they can request one from me too? x Or if they (or even you) would like to read one of my old ones they can read them by clicking on "cinq" on my profile x

There you go people. Another imagines blog for y’all. Enjoy! x

— Anonymous: why are you answering other Asks but non about royal?

Nothing personal, really. It’s just there’s a lot of asks about Royal and they’re all basically the same thing. “When are you posting Royal?” So instead of answering tons with the same thing, I just made a post telling the next date and hour I’ll be posting Royal. You can check it here (x)